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Administrative Services

CEPCO offers a wide range of administrative services to assist in the management of your neighborhood association.  These services aim to assist and ensure our customers receive the best possible care and attention in a timely, consistent and cost-effective manner.

Homeowner Correspondence
  • Ease of contact through various channels (Local and Toll-Free Phone, Email, Fax, and Internet)

  • Professional and courteous customer service ready to assist Homeowners with any questions, concerns or issues 

  • Process applications for the Architectural Review Committees

  • Maintain thorough homeowner records and database

  • Assist and distribute community newsletters and mailings

Board of Directors Support and Guidance
  • Provide assistance to the Board of Directors for interpreting legal documentation such as Covenants, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Declarations

  • Open lines of communication for all Board members

  • Regular consultations with Board on standards and practices to be maintained by the Association


Facilitate / Conduct Meetings
  • Managers attend all Board of Directors and Annual homeowner meetings 

  • Coordinate, reserve and prepare venues

  • Prepare and issue meeting notices and agendas

  • Preparation of Board packets 

  • Reconciliation of meeting minutes

Image by Dylan Gillis
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