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Our Clients

Image by Aaron Burden

CEPCO serves clients throughout the southeastern North Carolina region. Assignments to Community Managers are made to enable efficient and professional service anywhere in this territory. All administrative and accounting functions are performed at the company's main office in Wilmington.




CEPCO serves all types of communities including:


  • Existing Homeowners Associations

  • New Development with Builders/Developers

  • Master Planned Homeowners Associations

  • Condominium Homeowners Associations

  • Townhome Homeowners Associations

  • Patio Homes Associations

  • Single-Family

  • Commercial Associations

  • High Rise Condominiums



The size of communities varies from start-ups with only a unit or two to large communities with several thousand units. Common areas vary from minimal entry features to complex communities involving many acres of open space and elaborate recreational amenities. The company also manages multi-tiered communities involving Master and Sub-Associations. 

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